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Black Angus, Angus Plus and Brangus cows

Bred to registered Black Angus bulls

  • All half-brothers
  • AI sons of Bushwacker selected for
    • Conformation
    • Performance
  • Exposed for 75 days starting May 10th
  • Palpated pregnant but will be re-palpated prior to delivery

Very good pasture condition and ready for delivery weighing approximately 1050 pounds

Calved as 3-year-olds last Spring

Calved as heifers in the Spring of 2007

Purchased in the Spring of 2006 as yearlings and developed by Rainbow's End Ranch including comprehensive health, nutritional and handling programs.

  • Vaccinated for
    • IBR, BVD, PI3 and BSRV with Bovi-Shield Gold 51 (4 times)
    • Blackleg, Malignant Edema, Enterotoxemia and Red Water with UltraChoice 81 (4 times)
    • H. Somnus with Somubac1 (2 times)
  • Wormed regularly with Dectomax1 (pour-on and injectible)
  • Consistent mineral (Plus 2 w/CTC2)
  • Year-round protein (Mix 303 and/or Cottonseed Cake) supplement program


1 Pfizer Animal Health (pfizerah.com)
2 Novartis Animal Health (novartis.com)     
Mix 30 (mix30.com)

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